Versatile heavy lift opportunities

BOW Terminal has extensive experience when it comes to heavy lift operations and handling heavy cargoes with over 3,250 heavy lift operations during the last 8 years. The port area, deep water, large quay with heavy lift crane pads make it ideal locations for challenging projects to be completed. The team of dedicated members is skilled and well trained to handle your goods with care. The backyard storage facilities are sufficiently prepared to absorb the extreme loads during heavy lift operations.


BOW Terminal offers a variety of heavy lift services, from specialized rolling equipment as SPMT's, to extreme heavy cranes for lifting. With in-house experience and long term relationships with leading industry partners, we can offer heavy lift equipment on rental base. Operation and maintenance of the equipment can be executed by our dedicated specialists during the job. Our specialists can also operate in a supervisory role. Our team of experts is always available to suit our client's needs, from onsite support to project management and engineering.

Loading & Unloading

BOW Terminal is specialized to perform heavy lift operations at the deep sea quay for all types of vessels and barges and have all material and equipment in place for these operations.