Vlissingen/Flushing, 6 February 2023 - BOW Terminal is proud to announce Jan De Nul Group has chosen our marshalling yard in Eemshaven for Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3. The 242 MW Gode Wind 3 and 900 MW Borkum Riffgrund 3 wind farms are owned and developed by Danish renewable energy giant Ørsted Wind Power A/S.

Both wind farms are being built in the German North Sea, starting this summer, with full commercial operation scheduled for early 2025. Once operable, these wind farms will generate enough electricity to power approximately 1.2 million German households for a year.

Jan De Nul Group will take care of the transport and installation of a total of 107 monopile foundations and secondary steel from our yard. 106 monopiles for wind turbines and one for the offshore substation, each monopile weighs around 1,500 tons in total.

General Manager Jean Pierre van Lieshout is pleased that Jan De Nul Group has given BOW Terminal the confidence to carry out this great project: “We are proud to be carrying out our first project in Eemshaven at the Beatrix harbour. We are convinced that we can bring the project to a successful conclusion together with all parties involved.”

BOW Terminal Eemshaven

BOW Terminal offers these marshalling services on their new location in Eemshaven, based in the Beatrix harbour in the northern part of the Province Groningen, The Netherlands. This new location was created because the Terminal at the Wilhelminahaven has been leased for the long term. BOW was able to develop another terminal suitable for heavy loads in a very short time. Both the entire quay and the site are suitable for handling 30 tons/m2. Here the project will take place. Q3 Heavy Lift will take care of the logistics activities at the terminal on behalf of BOW Terminal.

Highlights BOW Terminal Eemshaven

  • Beatrix harbour
  • Terminal area of 15,7 HA; bearing capacity of 30 tons/m2 
  • Heavy load quay: 220 metres; bearing capacity of 30 tons/m2