Flexibility and customer focused

Being active in the Oil & Gas industry BOW terminal is very much aware that time is of the essence. All operations are therefore focused on flexibility and the requirements of our customers.
BOW terminal has an extensive track record in Oil & Gas projects realized by a team of experts with know-how to unburden clients.


BOW Terminal in Flushing is ideal for Oil & Gas related activities: Construction, On-shore Logistics, Load-ins/outs and Storage of Heavy Lifts. An area of 25ha is available for storage and construction activities. The ground is well prepared with compacted repac and the majority of this area has a bearing capacity of 18Ts/m2. There are no restrictions from open sea to our terminal and with a minimum water depth of 11,5m our Heavy Lift quay can accommodate all barges and a wide range of Heavy Lift installation vessels.


BOW Terminal can arrange anything what is needed for Oil & Gas projects:

  • Load transfer operations (RoRo/lifting/skidding)
  • (Heavy Lift) Cranes for construction activities
  • Onshore Heavy Lift Transport with SPMT's
  • Outside & covered storage
  • Ground preparation & Loadspreading for construction works
  • Offices & Wellfare facilities
  • Seafastening of Heavy Lifts
  • Labour & terminal equipment

High quality services in a safe working environment

BOW Terminal understands the high safety levels in the Oil & Gas Industry. BOW Terminal is ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001certified and a high safety awareness is demanded not only from own personnel but also from the subcontractors.